A1 Level


Wimbledon Academy implements a system in which people, not the teachers, are active in order to learn "speaking the language", not the "grammar rules" as in the classical education system.

He thinks that language learning develops in a natural cycle as in the mother tongue learning process. We argue that language cannot be learned by memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules, as in the classical system.

Our successful instructors prepare lessons on current topics and tailored to your needs. We focus on the active use of language to keep you engaged and motivated.

Through the four language-related skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening), you will gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the technical aspects of language and gain fluency and practicality skills.

Course Content

With native teachers who are experts in their fields;

Reading: 1 hour

Listening: 3 hours

Writing: 5 hours

Speaking: 7 hours

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