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About Us Wimbledon

Wimbledon Global is Turkey's first and only London-based language school.

In 2014, Wimbledon welcomed Turkey and continues to help organizations and individuals achieve their foreign language goals both in Turkey and abroad.

As the Wimbledon Global family, with our passion for language learning and many years of experience, we are proud to offer our students opportunities to improve their language skills around the world.

In our 35 branches in Turkey, which is increasing day by day, we not only provide solutions to our students' foreign language needs, but also help them realize their dreams of studying abroad.

We bring together quality, distinctiveness and modern technology in language education at home and abroad, and continue to be the solution partner of corporations and individuals.

At Wimbledon Global, we pride ourselves on being a beacon of excellence in language education, delivering top-notch services in both international and local contexts.


Wimbledon Global is a pioneering institution in language education, striving to equip our students with the ability to speak successfully in a global context and engage with people from many cultures. Our vision is to cultivate global linguistic specialists and to provide our students with not only language skills but also a broader cultural awareness, molding them into persons who are not only fluent in language but also culturally sensitive global citizens. In pursuit of this vision, we are committed to utilizing the power of language to shape our students not just as language learners but as global leaders.


At Wimbledon Global, our mission is to raise educational quality standards, give our students with the best language education, and promote cultural diversity.

We offer a variety of language programs, social clubs and opportunities abroad to enable our students to use language not only as a means of communication but also as a way to integrate with a culture.

Additionally, focusing on the individual needs of each of our students and providing a learning environment that allows them to maximize their potential is an important part of our mission. To this end, we always create a spacious learning environment with modern technology in our branches.

As Wimbledon Global family, we aspire to go beyond traditional language education and contribute to our students becoming global citizens. We not only aim to impart language skills but also foster cross-cultural understanding. Every service we offer at our language school is designed to support our students in developing a global perspective.

Values and Priorities

As a language school committed to providing education at international standards, we always embrace a student-centric approach. We are committed to doing our best to understand the individual needs of our students of all ages, to build a strong bond with them and to guide them toward success.

At the same time, we embrace modern educational facilities, continuous development and improvement as a goal. We are constantly reviewing and improving our programs, teaching methods and all our branches so that we can provide our students with the most up-to-date and effective education in an environment where they feel happy.

As the Wimbledon Global family, we are determined to set a new standard in foreign language education and to work diligently to propel our students to success in the global world.

We eagerly invite you to join and be crowned with us on this exciting language learning journey!

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