Wimbledon Turkey Family Grows!

Wimbledon in Turkey is opening our representative!

It opened its first branch in Eskisehir in Turkey and 100% student satisfaction serving Wimbledon opens in Turkey. If you want to join our Wimbledon family and grow together, you can join the franchise system.

What Does Wimbledon Franchise System Offer You?

- You are a member of our family from the moment you become our representative.

- You can benefit from free advertising activities to be carried out in the national and regional areas, social media, open air and within the university.

- During the year, especially during registration periods, the headquarters team conducts in-service training activities in your representative office and provides professional support.

- Our Education Coordination unit plans teacher training and conducts in-service training of all our teachers at least three times a year.

- You will be included in the training quality program, we share thousands of teaching materials (Flash Cards, Worksheets, etc.) with you.

- Promotional activities are carried out for your representation on our official website and you can collect online applications.

- Our Human Resources department conducts the candidate evaluation and right personnel selection process for you

- By making your European Language Passport entries online, you become an online reference for your students.

- European Language Passports come ready for you. It will be used in your representation, brochure, flyer, etc. All printed materials are delivered to you free of charge.

- Wimbledon School Information System and Student Information system, Accounting software is defined to you free of charge.

- Wimbledon Design Group offers free graphic design support for your representation.

You can take the first step by filling out the application form.

Click here to download our Mobile Application.