Corporate Education

Wimbledon responds to the educational needs of institutions with its Corporate Education Model. Wimbledon Corporate Training, prepared according to the needs of the institutions, consists of four parts.

1. General English

2. Business English

3. Programs adapted to the specific needs of the institution

4. Recruitment English Placement Exams (Click for exam format and other details)

Wimbledon offers on-site training or training at Wimbledon Academy branches depending on the needs of the institution.

Training Content for Employee Needs

-Reading texts taken from sources about the business world

-Special interviews with leading business people

-Business communication skills, highlighting cultural awareness

Case studies including comments from successful consultants from the real business world

Extensive speaking practice

-Educational content for daily business life

-Purchase and sale


-Staff management

-Ethical values

-Mergers and Acquisitions

-Formal and Informal Correspondence

-Phone calls

-Interview Skills

-Presentation Skills


-Different skills, subjects and studies related to negotiations and business life.

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