Online Language Education

Wimbledon Global offers high quality language training in 35 branches in Turkey and all over the world; as well as an innovative, modern, technological approach to your language goals with online language education.

With the online language education platform realized with our LEON brand, it is possible to contribute to your personal development by saving space, time and energy in many ways.

You can participate in online language courses, which you can receive both in private and in the classroom environment you are used to, from anywhere you want and open the gates to the world from your home.

Furthermore, before you start your online language education journey, you can examine the demo lessons and the lessons you can watch from the recording to see if they meet your expectations. LEON online education platform, a Wimbledon LA brand, offers language solutions suitable for everyone with its effective personalized lessons and packages.

All of our instructors in online language courses are selected from among professionals in their field and people who are accustomed to the online education model. In this way, it is not possible to experience any problem during the process. Online language courses allow you to learn a new language or prepare for your exams from the comfort of your home or office.

Which Programs Can You Take With Online Language Education?

Each education should be personalized. Being aware of this fact, we prepare the language courses we offer on the online platform for different goals.

In addition to English; you can also learn languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian online on an innovative education platform with modern solutions and expert instructors.

In addition to the second language learning experience, you can also choose an online education model in preparation for YDS, TOEFL, IELTS and PTE exams to prove your English proficiency.

Why Online Education?

Specializing in language education, Wimbledon LA prepares an online education program unique to your level. This way, your education is ensured as the process progresses.

  Study Again: If you miss a lesson, have a technical glitch, or simply want to repeat the lesson, you can watch your own recording again. This way, you can practice the points you forgot or got stuck on over and over again.

  Watch Online: You can participate in your language education from anywhere at any time, saving both your time and energy. This way, you can finally start the education you've always had to postpone because you couldn't find the time.

  Ask Your Questions Now: You can ask anything you have during the lesson, and you can also find solutions to your questions about the platform 24/7 thanks to our support team.

  Discuss & Learn: Even though it is online, education should sometimes be learned through communication. That's why our online education platform allows you to meet and discuss with students who are studying the same course as you, and thus learn every piece of information more effectively.

Meet LEON, the innovative education platform designed exclusively for those who want to upgrade their English level, certify their knowledge of English with globally recognized exams, or learn second and third languages.

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