Kids English

Language learning is an experience that becomes more quickly familiar the younger you start. It essential that your children learn English at an early age so that they grow up to be full citizens of the world.

Wimbledon Language Academy provides a level-appropriate English education for children from the age of 5. These lessons are given by professional teachers who are experts in child communication in a very educational and enjoyable way. Therefore, your children can learn English by having fun at Wimbledon Language Academy. 

Foreign language learning for children at a young age supports mental development and increases intercultural communication. In this way, your children's social skills will also improve and their self-confidence will increase. 

Recognizing the power of play in education, Wimbledon ensures that your children learn English by playing games and enjoy the fun with games specially designed to improve language skills. Wimbledon Language Academy makes learning more effective and permanent by working on grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills through games.

One of the most fun ways to teach English to your children is through music. With specially selected English songs and rhythmic activities, your children will enjoy music while improving their language skills.

Another educational and enjoyable method applied in Wimbledon Language Academy children's programs are activities that accelerate mental development. Mental gymnastics is an important part of language learning. 

Language games and puzzles help your children develop their mental skills. When solving fun English puzzles and playing language games, children learn English effectively and are constantly mentally active at the same time. Language learning is also important for the development of intelligence.

Wimbledon provides language training in many regions of Turkey and abroad, suitable for the level and expectations of people of all ages. Both the most comfortable environment and the most effective language education methods are provided for your children. 

Wimbledon language academies offer an environment that allows your children to have fun and keep their motivation high while learning English. You can even continue your language education with your child in the country of your choice. 

You can contact us at any time for more information and to register for our English for children programs at home and abroad. 

You can improve and crown your children's social and communication skills by learning English at Wimbledon. 

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