Wimbledon LA Women Entrepreneurs Support Program

Wimbledon LA Women Entrepreneurs Support Program

Founded in 1964 in the UK, we have never lost our initial excitement in our journey from the UK to Turkey since the first day in 2014 when we acquired the brand and name rights of Wimbledon Language Academy and introduced it to Turkey.

What has always driven us to work in a disciplined, meticulous and consistent manner is of course the fact that we are an educational institution. Since the day we were founded, our aim has always been to provide the best education and to provide our students with a modern, comfortable, technologically advanced and innovative education model to reach their desired language goals.

As Wimbledon family, Turkey's first and only London-based language school, we have always aimed for more satisfaction and have succeeded in providing personalized solutions to the language education needs of both students and many institutions.

While we aim to grow our family by increasing our branches in Turkey, we have not forgotten our women entrepreneurs. As the Wimbledon family, we have supported and continue to support many women who dream of running their own business, establishing their own educational institution and educating their own students.

With the "Women Entrepreneurs Support Program", we provide various opportunities to every woman who wants to be part of our family and by opening a Wimbledon branch. The "Women Entrepreneurs Support Program" was launched first with our Bolu branch and has become a growing support program by reaching more and more women branch founders.

In this journey that started with one branch, we are currently on our way with 10 women branch founders and we aim to increase this number day by day. Our main goal in this support program is to provide motivation for women who have achieved everything they want to start their own businesses, and we continue to achieve this with them.

With our support program for women entrepreneurs, we provide various opportunities to women entrepreneurs who want to join our family as branch founders and we try to make it easier for them to start their own businesses. Within the scope of this program, we support female employees and employers, increase the number of female entrepreneurial activities across the country, and become their companions and solution partners on the path they desire to walk.

With this program, we know and aim that the number of female branch founders in the WimbledonLA family will increase every day. In this way, we aim to increase our success in Turkey and around the world by recognizing the efforts of our women entrepreneurs in every student raised in our education branches.

While our entrepreneur women are crowned with Wimbledon, we are crowned with the success we have achieved thanks to them and we crown our students!

We look forward to meet all our women entrepreneur candidates and we are excited to be partners with women entrepreneurs in our success!

You can review the privileges offered by the Wimbledon family to women entrepreneurs within the scope of the "Women Entrepreneurs Support Program" in our catalog or on our website, and you can join our family by calling us at 444 5 897!

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