Human Resources

It has a strategic role in the administration of Wimbledon. Turkey's way to becoming qualified and fastest growing language school Human Resources advancing our school goals; To continue our steady growth with our talented and highly motivated human resources, and to match our corporate goals with the individual goals of our employees.

In order to achieve this goal, we, as Wimbledon-IK, carry out the following activities:

* Personnel needs analysis and human resource planning for the constantly developing and growing corporate structure,

* Determining the right candidates in accordance with Wimbledon corporate culture and conducting the recruitment process effectively,

* The adaptation of newly recruited staff to the organization and work as soon as possible by going through a planned training process,

* Identifying and meeting in-service training and development needs in order to increase the professional performance of employees and support their individual development,

* Ensuring that the physical and social work environments in the institution are arranged in a way to keep the physical, mental and emotional job satisfaction of the employees high,

* Application of Wimbledon-PYS (Performance Management System) and career planning as a result of evaluation studies, implementation of appropriate wage and reward system

* Ensuring that Wimbledon is an institution followed in Human Resources practices.

Human Resources;

* Creating and establishing a common perception of education / training and business culture in schools,

* Establishing qualified human resources that can adopt Wimbledon vision and mission as well as represent “Wimbledon”,

* It is a key element in the process of strengthening corporate commitment and increasing productivity by keeping the willingness and determination of the employees at the highest level.

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