Other Foreign Languages

* Our students who receive language education can buy any other foreign language they wish * with “50% + 50% discount”. (* Periodically )

In Wimbledon Academy, in order to be able to learn "to speak the language" and not "grammar rules" as in the classical education system, the people who feel ready and give lessons whenever they want, apply a system where they are active, not teachers.

He thinks that language learning develops in a natural cycle, as in the process of native language learning. We argue that the language cannot be learned by memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules as in the classical system.

Our successful instructors prepare lessons on current topics and tailored to your needs. We focus on the active use of language to ensure you stay connected and motivated.

Through the four language-related skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening), you will gain a broader understanding of the technical aspects of language, and gain fluency and practical skills.

Process Oriented Education®

In the process-oriented education model, the continuous development of the student is aimed by receiving feedback at every moment of the education.

Portfolio System ®

With the Portfolio System, which is one of the modern approaches of language education, students' performance and development processes are followed and the results are shared with students.

Performance Evaluation System ®

Only written skills can be measured with the exams administered during the training programs, which does not fully reflect the true knowledge of the people. The aim of this system is to make a more objective assessment by taking into account the written skills of the students as well as their verbal and communicative skills.

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