English education increases its importance day by day and becomes an indispensable condition for progress both in academic and industrial context. Learning English corresponds to a demanding, demanding process that requires a lot of effort.

Turkey, despite being one of the world's top countries in terms of second language learning English there is still a need for more multi-dimensional art in education. Although English is a language that is easy to learn and easy to access, some techniques need to be applied to systematically learn the vocabulary of approximately 750,000 words. The fastest way to learn English is to study from a language school with specialist staff. But that alone will not be enough.

First of all, those who want to learn English must read a lot in English. It is possible to come across new words and patterns to be learned in sources such as each story, novel, article, newspaper article, and poetry to be read. Reading offers a catchy learning way. Systematically taking notes of the new words and patterns learned will provide great convenience.

Taking advantage of the possibilities of visual memory will always open a new way for learning. One of the most practical ways to learn English is to speak English consistently. Speaking to native English speakers who will communicate will not only break the stereotypes of the person and help them learn English confidently and quickly, as well as familiarize themselves with the practical patterns of daily spoken language.

Social media, which is the biggest mass communication tool of today, has a great benefit in learning English. Media such as any television channel broadcasting in English, YouTube channel, English broadcasting websites, video sharing sites, microblog sites will make learning English faster and more practical in terms of both listening and speaking. At this point where auditory memory comes into play, it is more possible to learn and permanently memorize new words, phrases and patterns in formal and informal English language.

The fastest way to improve the English language level is to visit a country where English is the native language, take language training or take a vacation. It is possible to learn the language much faster in such cases as it will be necessary to speak English.