1 Level Abroad Free Education Opportunity for Students Receiving 3 Level Education!

Within the scope of the Abroad Campaign, our students, who receive 3 Level Education, will be able to receive free 1 level education abroad.

Campaign Conditions

- Our students who study at 3 levels can either go to England, Canada or Malta.

they will be able to go for free.

- The campaign covers the tuition fees for 1 month of education (20 Lessons General English Education, Afternoon) and school registration fees.

- Flight tickets, accommodation and other expenses are not covered by the campaign.

- Wimbledon provides support for flight tickets, visa procedures and accommodation processes.

- The campaign deadline is October 15.

- The campaign abroad is only valid for English education programs.

- The campaign cannot be combined with other existing campaigns.

- You can learn the campaign prices from our branches.

- The campaign covers all of our branches.

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