UNICEF From Field to School

Students who donate to the UNICEF Field to School Campaign until October 15, 2018 are given a gift of 1 Course Gift in Wimbledon.

Campaign Conditions

- The campaign deadline is October 15th.

- Cannot be combined with current period campaigns.

- Within the scope of the campaign, our students who study 1 level and above are presented as a gift from Wimbledon level 1.

- The campaign includes all language training.

- In order to benefit from the campaign, you must donate to the From Field to School Campaign.

- You can learn the campaign prices from our branches, prices may differ on a branch basis.

- The campaign covers all of our branches.

To get detailed information about the UNICEF Field to School Campaign;

You can visit https://www.tarladanokula.org/.

Click here to download our Mobile Application.