Then this blog post is exactly for you. The easiest way to learn the word patterns we offer you is; It is about being able to include it in your daily life. There are many ways to incorporate it into your daily life. The most important of these is to make speaking practices that you can use actively. Practicing speaking will also allow you to improve your listening skills, as it also provides you with the opportunity to listen to the person speaking on the other side. Applying your speaking practices in a planned environment is important in the language learning process because correct pronunciation and rectification depend on completing the process in the most efficient time.

One of the most beautiful and enjoyable ways to practice speaking is to attend the speaking classes offered by Wimbledon Academy for you every day. To participate in speaking practices, all you have to do is reach our academy in your region.

Other ways to say good luck

Best of luck

Finger crossed!

I hope it all goes well

You'll do great

Other ways to say I like it

I'm into it

I'm keen on it

I'm fond of it

I'm crazy about it

I can't get enough of it

Break a leg

Other ways to say In other words

What I mean is..

That is to say..

What I'm trying to say is...


To clarify..

Other ways to say I miss you

I can't wait to see you again

I hope I see you again soon

I wish you were here

I can't wait to talk to you again

Other ways to say I have to go

I am gonna go

I'll catch you later

I gotta go

I'm leaving

Talk to you late

Other ways to say Just Kidding

Just joking

Just teasing you

Don't take it seriously

I'm just messing with you

I was only playing around

It was only a joke

Other ways to say It's funny


It made me laugh

It cracks me up

I burst out laughing

I couldn't stop laughing